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Britain’s Roads – Chaos at Rush Hour

This was originally going to be a nice, simple tour of the M25 for a full orbit. Everyone has to do it once, right? (I’ve done it far too many times, but I’m an outlier in that regard!)

What actually happened was traffic chaos – the typical rush hour go-slow at the Dartford Crossing / QE2 Bridge, a breakdown in the roadworks J5-7 causing clutch-destroying crawling for 45 minutes, and as for the Western and North sections of the M25… well, you can see for yourself:

Screenshot_2013-02-20-19-52-07 Screenshot_2013-02-20-19-51-01 Screenshot_2013-02-20-19-51-34

I took the above at Cobham Services (bloody lovely by the way, if you like that sort of thing…) and it really does highlight the sheer inadequacy of our road network when it comes to redundancy . Three major routes, the M25, M4 and A1(M) all at a complete standstill due to a couple of incidents. Taking this into account, I gave up on my original plan and cut off the NW corner of the M25 and ran back down the M40 / A40 and took the NCR back to E17.

I’ve got enough road knowledge to do that – but it was hardly plain sailing on the NCR either at times, no doubt in part to other drivers using the A1 / NCR as a way to avoid the chaos on the M25.

Anyways, as a video, I’m rather happy with this – the setting sun throws up some lovely colour changes which are captured nicely, and there is enough going on to make things interesting. Also making an appearance in this clip – road numbers! A touch geeky, maybe, but at least you’ll have  a vague understanding of where the shots are coming from!


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